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If you are reading this note,
It is quite certain that we have a common bond and that bond
is the love for music.
It is hard to say how it all started, but since my earliest days music
has always been the most important thing in my life.
Ever since I can remember I tried to express myself through music: 
running around the house as a little child humming a song
I have just heard, a four-year girl asking her parents to buy her a violin,
a girl who prefers to practice music rather than playing with the other kids,
a teenager who fills her free time on listening and searching
for new music inspirations, and finally a girl that appears on a stage
...It all happened through music that has always lived inside me.
A lifetime passion that  can be experienced and shared
with many wonderful people around me.
Needless to say, It not only shaped my sensibility
but also made me who I am today.
Now, I want to share this joy and passion of music with you.